“I have used Jim because he fixed my ac system, added a register, fixed my ducts, and new wall plates for a very reasonable price. The other company wanted $2,500 to replace all of the ducts.

My take was Jim was very trustworthy and not out to do unnecessary work.

If this does not give any indication of how good I feel doing business with this company, then think about this….. I am actually writing this review in advance of my next service request. My heater went out and I need Jim’s help! Lol”
– Bill P., Foothill Ranch, CA

“Awesome and fair dealing. The best customer service and honest technicians. After my A/C quit working I had another A/C company, (Ames, Dickson) come to my home after my outside fan stopped working. I had asked the Ames technician to check the capacitor first as I knew it was a low dollar item as I have done some research prior to them coming out. He said it was working and then said I needed a new fan motor and blower unit. The cost at minimum, $7900.00. I told the Ames technician, Tommy that I twas going to shop around and that I couldn’t afford that much. So, I called El Toro Air. They came out within an hour and the total cost of repairs was $284. The capacitor was NOT working. Thank you so much for my cool home and your honest and fair dealing El Toro Air.”
– Murple A., Costa Mesa, CA
“I’ve used El Toro Air several times over the years, and I highly recommend their services. I used them when my heater wasn’t working and it was like 55 degrees in my condo. It was a quick fix; they ran out for a part, came back and boom, I had heat. I’ve had them come out to replace my air filter which I know is “easy” but I prefer to not touch scary equipment 😀 And I’ve had them out more than once for plumbing issues. Once when we had a leak under our kitchen sink (turned out we needed a new faucet, which I had them install for me), and once to install a new garbage disposal.

El Toro Air has been in business for something like 30 years, and I know that Jim will always know how to fix my problems.”
– Kelly T., Orange County, CA

“WOOHOO!!! Called El Toro Air to fix my A/C on the hottest week of the summer and not only did they come the same day I called, but they called to ask if they could show up two hours early! It was 87 degrees in my house, so I said, “Yes, please!!”
Turned out to be a simple fix, they had the correct part, and my A/C is humming, just like new!!
I will keep El Toro Air’s number handy, and you probably should, too!”

– Sherri W., Rancho Santa Margarita,